Eskimo-3 with Vitamin E (250 caps)

Eskimo-3 with Vitamin E


Quick Overview

Stable fish body oil Omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement with natural source vitamin E. May help with circulation, joint and skin maintenance. With natural lime flavour.


Essential fatty acids are so-called because the human body cannot make them. Essential fatty acids must be gained from the diet or through food supplements. Eskimo-3 is one of the best researched and documented fatty acid supplements in existence. It contains the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA in an optimal concentration. It is enriched with antioxidants. Eskimo-3 has been shown to be outstandingly pure, the most pure and stable omega 3 supplement in several independent international studies. Eskimo-3 is made from fish living in the deep seas. Their body fat stays supple in very cold water due to the high content of EPA and DHA (essential fatty acids). The omega 3 fatty acid content of the cell walls help keep cells supple in people too. They also help maintain joint suppleness and skin and blood vessel elasticity. Eskimo-3 may help maintain a healthy circulation, an important part of heart care. It may also help maintain supple joints and helathy skin.

Additional Information

Pack Size 250 Capsules
Manufacturer Eskimo
Categories Supplements and Herbals | Essential Fatty Acids | Heart Health | Joint Health |

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