Sonett Lavender Hand Soap 300ml

Sonett Lavender Hand Soap 300ml


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Organic soaps and detergents protecting natural water resources, the essence of life.


A mild nourishing liquid soap for your hands, face and entire body, with the soothing and clear fragrance of pure lavender.

Sonett Quality: All the active washing substances (surfactants) are derived from vegetable raw materials, thus being 100% biodegradable.

We do not use any petrochemical preservatives, petrochemical fragrances or dyestuffs; all of our products are completely free of enzymes.

We use pure vegetable soap derived from oils of certified organic-dynamic and certified organic cultivations.

Our products’ fragrances are composed of natural essential oils, originating mostly from certified organic cultivation and wild-growing plants.

All of the ingredients are entirely declared.

Our process water is swirled in 12 egg-shaped glass vessels.

Our balsamic detergent additives are rhythmatised in an Oloid mixer.

For this reason all of our Sonett products are extremely hypoallergenic thus being indicated for many allergy-prone people.

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